The Company

Alpha Alps is a platform specialize in servicing and supporting, designing, manufacturing, and delivering variety types of concepts and ranges of garments to most reputable branded garment owner; Alain Delon, Polo, Body Glove, Bonia, Byford, Elle, Elle Homme, Felix Buhler, Jockey, Kickers, Lee Cooper, Mickey, Pierre Cardin, Playboy, Renoma, SBPRC, Skinxwear, Valentino and etc.

We endeavor to design variety new collection and watching them materialized into actual quality garments; nothing beats the greatest satisfaction turning-out a piece of garment into reality.

We care about creating and delivering quality concepts of garments based on brand owners’ requirements / needs; to provide them the best quality at the lowest possible price with our very best services from our fully integrated set-up operation.